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foto bdm-interface

The Background Debug Modus (BDM) interface allows cost-effective debugging with simple resources (PC+interface+software).

The BDM is an indispensable aid for Freescale (Motorola) CPU32's with BDM interface not just during development, service, and software updates.



Part Part Number Description
 BDM_PR PLB-99480-000 BDM interface for parallel interface of a PC
 monitor.zip  Download monitor program for SPS_CPU1 (Freeware, 57KB)
The monitor has been made available by G. Schmitt, author of "Mikrocomputertechnik mit Controller 68332".
 bd32.zip  Download Background-Mode-Debugger V1.22 for Freescale (Motorola) CPU32 (Freeware, 90KB)
 as32v1-2.zip  Download Assembler for Freescale (Motorola) CPU 68332 (Freeware, 48KB)


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